Fontanelle - Album credits

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Written & composed by Claire Delerue
, except: Ballade pour Paul et Virginie (music by Georges Delerue, lyrics by Herminie), Interlude (music by Georges Delerue, lyrics by Hal Shaper, © Screen Gems - EMI Music Ltd, with kind permission from EMI Music Publishing France), Fragments (text by Franz Kafka, from "Aphorismes", published in Cahiers du Sud, French translation by Alexandre Vialatte, with kind permission from Mr. Pierre Vialatte)

Flora | Miles is Claire Delerue & Ciprian-Florin Stancu

Vocals, guitar, keyboards, cello, zither, theorbo, bass recorder: Claire Delerue
Drums, percussions, sound effects: Ciprian-Florin Stancu
Art direction, graphic design and photographs: Ciprian-Florin
Painting: Ion Preda
Sound engineering and editing: Claire and Ciprian-Florin
Sound mixing and mastering: Ciprian-Florin

Made in France at Studios "Une Petite Île"
Produced by Flora | Miles