About Fontanelle (English) - Flora | Miles

02.06.2012 / Flora | Miles

Fontanelle is the first album from Flora | Miles, a duo comprised of Claire Delerue and Ciprian-Florin Stancu.

The name Flora | Miles is taken from the sister | brother pair in Henry JamesThe Turn of the Screw.

They embrace the dualities at hand: male and female, child and adult, innocent and experienced, free and repressed, fascinated and scared, surrounded by ghosts and the living, looking at the past while seizing the now – yearning to bridge polarities and become whole. The fontanelle, also called the “soft spot”, refers to the membrane sealing the yet-to-be ossified skull of the infant. In spite of the years – or perhaps because of them – we may at times feel as though the fontanelle has never fully closed.

The album features twelve impressionistic chamber-pop songs, miniature accounts of time and life passing, loss and fulfillment, nightly hours and mysteries at work behind sleep, dream and remembrance. Claire’s vocals abide on a warm bed of instruments from various periods and traditions, all of which seem to blend organically: piano, zither, harpsichord, electric guitar, bass recorder, cello, theorbo – all played by Claire – with drums, percussions and effects provided by Ciprian-Florin. These musical bridges between pop and classical aesthetics, between baroque and modern-day instruments, reflect a musical path that Claire chooses to walk as a composer. It is also a loving acknowledgement of her late father Georges Delerue’s influence and legacy. She has underlined that family connection by rearranging and recording two songs by her father: “Interlude”, from the 1968 film directed by Kevin Billington, featuring lyrics by Hal Shaper; and a less known ballad from the 1975 French TV series “Paul et Virginie”, with lyrics by Claire’s mother, Micheline Gautron (under the pen name “Herminie”).

Whether through chance or synchronicity, Fontanelle’s release coincides with the 20th anniversary of Georges Delerue’s passing.