Riverrun - Flora | Miles

02.06.2012 / Flora | Miles

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At sunrise, a whisper
At sundown, a soft embrace
Brush away the sadness, wind through my hands,
Seize it now,
See it through.
I’ll stay here long as I can,
Bewildered at every drop of rain
Each and every sign shows me a place
Intimate, distant still…

A home so close to a heartbeat,
To a churchbell, to a moonbeam,
Like two hands,
Touching then parting.

In due time, in no time,
I’ll comprehend
This utmost secret plan.
When the days are over,
I’ll look around,
Step ahead
And touch your hand...

…my home, my heart, my fire,
my churchbell,
my moonbeam,
a landslide, a storm at sea,
and I’m gladly swept away,
again, along,
awhile, awake,
alive, aloved,