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02.06.2012 / Flora | Miles

• Classically-trained Franco-American musician Claire Delerue participated in numerous early music

and 20th century music projects before turning to songwriting and playing with Paris-area based pop-rock bands. A multi-instrumentalist as well as a singer, she has given concert performances, taught classical guitar, Renaissance lute and chamber music, and works as a reputed rehearsal pianist. After living in L.A. where she attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a M.M. in classical guitar performance, she moved back to Paris where she currently lives and works. She also holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Paris-VIII. Flora | Miles marks her first musical collaboration with Ciprian-Florin Stancu, with whom she has worked on various artistic projects.

Ciprian-Florin Stancu received formal training in sciences and fine arts in his native Romania, while teaching himself photography as well as sound recording & processing techniques. After his master’s degree in industrial and graphic design in Paris, he worked in marketing and advertising while expanding his remarkable creative range. Besides collaborating with Claire on music and video projects and developing a show of his photographic work, he is simultaneously engaged in a PhD in philosophy.

Innovative dreamers Ciprian-Florin and Claire have worked together on many projects, bridging their skills to explore venues in the artistic, corporate, and scholarly worlds. Projects are commonly initiated at the breakfast table, where daunting philosophical questions are furiously debated, taken apart, and oftentimes turned into something totally different – and where seemingly silly ideas are discovered to be quite promising after all.